The Early Learning Guidelines Project

The Early Learning Guidelines Project is a pioneering program that All Our Kin offers as part of our enduring effort to ensure that all children have high-quality early learning experiences. Through this project, a collaboration with the Department of Social Services, All Our Kin connects with child care agencies across Connecticut to help child care providers access professional development opportunities.

The ELG Project offers workshops for home-based providers free of charge. All Our Kin partners with child care agencies and serves them with top-notch trainers who teach providers how to use Connecticut’s Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers, a research-based tool for supporting the healthy growth and development of children ages 0-3. Our partners only need to supply the training site.

All Our Kin’s workshops operate with hands-on activities, not through lecturing. It is our firm belief that information is better retained when materials are presented by discussing real-life scenarios and engaging with providers to discuss and learn from each other’s experiences. All Our Kin works tirelessly to make sure that providers receive only the best trainers and the latest research on child development and best practices in early childhood education.

All Our Kin sponsors two workshop topics: the Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) and Emergency Preparedness (EP). ELG workshops present information on research-based tips for promoting healthy growth and development in our youngest and most vulnerable children. After each ELG workshop, attendees are eligible for an on-site, one-on-one coaching visit as well as $100 worth of high-quality toys and supplies for the children in each provider’s care.

EP workshops present information on preparing child care programs for various disasters that occur, such as natural disasters, power outages, house fires, etc. Providers learn about setting up an evacuation plan and finding a temporary site if needed, and everyone gets a list of resources.

Best of all, All Our Kin’s workshops have a lasting impact on providers. A few providers gave feedback during their on-site consultations:

[The provider] really appreciated how the ELG was realistic and offered easy to follow ideas that could be easily implemented at home and school.  It was basic and easy to read.  She has recommended the training to some of her peers.

[The provider] thinks it is so helpful to have the guide … She feels that it really helps show how individual children develop and she said she refers to it frequently to see what milestones they might be reaching. She plans on photocopying the Parent Handouts to give out.

We at All Our Kin are proud to sponsor the ELG Project, and we will continue to work hard to improve the quality of child care for all families in Connecticut.

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