“Show me which 4-year-old you think we should not invest in”: MA governor proposes universal access to ECE

Earlier this week, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick made an important statement about the importance of early childhood education:

“I am proposing that we fully fund the early education programs in our state. We must ensure that every child in Massachusetts has access to high-quality learning opportunities in their earliest years, when achievement gaps begin to form. We know from academic research, from years of public policy and from our own experience as parents that investing in our children at a young age pays huge dividends for them and for our community as a whole. To those who say we cannot afford this, I challenge you to show me which 4-year-old you think we should not invest in,” he said as he announced his proposal to provide universal access to high-quality early education for Massachusetts’ children.

Governor Patrick’s proposal includes investing $350 million in early education over the next four years along with incentivizing school districts to create pre-kindergarten programs for four year olds. “This is not only about their social and economic future. It’s about ours,” he continued, emphasizing that early care and education is not just about individual children, but about children who become students, citizens, workers, and the leaders of tomorrow.

We are overjoyed to hear that Governor Patrick has a goal for Massachusetts so in line with Governor Malloy’s own vision for Connecticut.  It is crucial that state leadership understands the immediate and long-term value of high-quality care and education and takes action to ensure its accessibility.  We applaud both Governor Patrick and Governor Malloy for understanding the value of a smart investment, an investment in our children.

To learn more, click here.

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