Governor Malloy puts children and families first, establishes Office of Early Childhood

This afternoon, Governor Malloy announced a proposal that will change the face of early childhood care and education in Connecticut.  The proposal calls for the creation of an Office of Early Childhood (OEC), a new agency focused on providing a comprehensive network of services to families with children ages zero to five.  The OEC will bring together early childhood services currently housed in five different state agencies – the Department of Education, Department of Social Services, Department of Public Health, Department of Developmental Services and the Board of Regents. This proposal will be included in Governor Malloy’s legislative package, to be announced on February 6.

Said Governor Malloy:

“We are transforming how we address early childhood care and development in Connecticut… Engaging in a comprehensive approach for the delivery of services to children and their parents means better, more focused programming, and is an important addition to the education reforms that are already underway.   When we improve early childhood education, we set a foundation for our young people that they will build on their entire lives.”

Dr. Myra Jones-Taylor, Office of Early Childhood Planning Director, echoed this sentiment:

“The Governor has brought a cohesive and unified vision to programs and services for young children and families — it is bold policy that puts children and families first.  Through the Office of Early Childhood, Connecticut is positioning itself as a policy leader in child development, teacher training, and education.”

We are extremely excited by this announcement, which affirms Connecticut’s commitment to improving outcomes and opportunities for children through more efficient, coordinated, and meaningful programs and services for our state’s youngest children and their parents. All Our Kin’s executive director Jessica Sager was thrilled by today’s announcement, remarking that “At All Our Kin, we see first-hand that supporting early care and education is a ‘triple win’ that benefits children, child care providers, and families- as well as communities.  Through the creation of the Office of Early Childhood, Connecticut can at last realize its promise of truly giving children the foundation they need to succeed in school and in life.”

To read the full press release from Governor Malloy’s office, click here.

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3 Responses to Governor Malloy puts children and families first, establishes Office of Early Childhood

  1. Cesar says:

    This proposal creation of an Office of Early Childhood (OEC) is truly a big help to those children and families. Long Live Governor Malloy! Mabuhay!
    link for familycare (FCF)

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