Office of Early Childhood bill moves forward

On Friday, H.B. 6359, which proposes the creation of an Office of Early Childhood in Connecticut, was unanimously approved by the Education Committee. H.B. 6359 will now move to the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee.

At All Our Kin, our vision is that Connecticut parents, informal caregivers, and licensed child care providers alike will be honored and supported in their difficult work of caring for children. We envision a state in which children and families do not need to navigate fragmented programs and services, but instead have access to a system that is comprehensive, streamlined, and transparent, one that ensures quality in all child care settings and provides information and access for all Connecticut’s families. In this system, our state would support and facilitate investments in the early childhood workforce in order to incentivize quality and promote better outcomes for children. These investments, such as professional development opportunities, would embrace and meet the needs of providers in all care settings, especially family child care providers, who serve some of our state’s youngest and most at-risk children. By supporting spaces in which children build a strong foundation for success throughout their lives, a system that serves the interests of children and families in this way would, truly, serve the interests of our state for years to come. We hope that the creation of an Office of Early Childhood will help facilitate these goals and improve the lives of children and families in our state.

Click here for more information about H.B. 6359. To stay informed about early childhood policy and happenings in Connecticut, be sure to visit the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance website. At All Our Kin we are also always happy to speak with you, especially if you’d like to know more about about family child care.

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