All Our Kin’s Fairfield County Network Director honored with “Above and Beyond” award

On June 11, 2013, RYASAP (Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership) held their annual Above and Beyond Awards Ceremony at the University of Bridgeport. Seven people were honored for their “outstanding commitment and service to their communities,” among them All Our Kin’s fantastic Fairfield County Network Director, Nilda Aponte.

Over the past year and a half, Nilda has put her heart and soul into bringing All Our Kin’s workshops and trainings to the many family child care providers seeking support in the Bridgeport, Norwalk, and Northern Fairfield County areas. She has built a phenomenal team of staff and a strong, engaged network of over eighty family child care providers committed to growing as educators and professionals.

Bob Francis

RYASAP executive director Bob Francis

For Nilda, being recognized with RYASAP’s Above and Beyond Award is the ultimate marker of All Our Kin’s success. “Bob Francis [RYASAP’s executive director] saw firsthand the accomplishments of All Our Kin in Bridgeport since last year. He’s seen how responsive the community has been to our programs and services. It is such an honor that he chose to recognize the hard work that we’re doing. Receiving this award is amazing. RYASAP is such a wonderful organization. To be honored by them- I’m speechless.”

But a successful first year leading our newest site does not leave Nilda complacent. Having been with All Our Kin since the organization’s toddler days in 2003, Nilda knows the hard work that goes into sustaining success. “We have a lot of work ahead of us,” she says, “a lot of relationships we look forward to building. In the coming year we’ll be expanding our programs, growing our staff… figuring out new ways to support the women who benefit our communities by helping our youngest children succeed.”

Nilda and family at RYASAP

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