If approved, new family child care agreement will increase pay and support for home-based providers

Today, Governor Dannel Malloy formally announced the conclusion of over nine months of negotiations between the State of Connecticut and the union representing our state’s family child care and family, friend, and neighbor providers. We applaud the Office of Early Childhood, the governor’s office, and the CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 for drafting a family child care agreement that recognizes, rewards, and supports the essential work of home-based providers.

If approved, the agreement will substantially increase Care 4 Kids reimbursement rates, leading to long-awaited pay increases for providers who serve our state’s most vulnerable children. It will also set aside $750,000 for professional development to help these providers increase the quality of their child care programs.

Governor Malloy announcing the new family child care agreement today in Waterbury.

Governor Malloy announcing the new family child care agreement today in Waterbury.

Some of the highlights of the contract include:

  • Higher pay for both licensed and license-exempt family child care providers. Over the 4-year duration of the contract, Care 4 Kids reimbursement rates for licensed providers will go up by 12%. Family child care providers will receive additional rate increases if they care for infants and toddlers. This agreement will provide the first general wage increases in 12 years for family child care providers who participate in the Care 4 Kids program.
  • New investments in professional development opportunities. The Office of Early Childhood will offer a four-hour mandatory orientation program that will cover the licensure process, quality enhancement options, and other training topics. Family, friend and neighbor caregivers will receive financial incentives to become licensed. Additionally, $750,000 will be allocated to professional development opportunities over the life of the contract.

Before going into effect, the contract will need to be ratified by the union membership and approved by the legislature.

Announcing the agreement today in Waterbury, the Governor said: “Our children are our most precious resource…By increasing wages and providing professional development opportunities for Care 4 Kids home-based family child care providers, we are investing in our children and those who care for them.”

At All Our Kin, we know that this agreement would not have been possible without the state’s leadership recognizing that family child care providers offer essential support to children and families in Connecticut. We are excited about this new contract and grateful to those whose hard work made it possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about the agreement, you can view Governor Malloy’s press release here.

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