Harvard Center on the Developing Child Features All Our Kin on “Frontiers of Innovation” Website

We’re very excited to announce that the Harvard Center on the Developing Child has highlighted All Our Kin in its “Innovation in Action” series. All Our Kin is a member of the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Frontiers of Innovation Project, which is forging a community focused on innovative approaches to improving child outcomes. The Center’s new multimedia story features All Our Kin’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Jessica Sager, and Kia Levey, the project director for the New Haven MOMS Partnership.

40 AOKAll Our Kin has been a part of the Frontiers of Innovation (FOI) initiative since 2012, when we were one of fourteen sites across the country chosen to participate in the project. FOI’s goal is to substantially improve outcomes for young children by facilitating innovative cross-sector collaborations “that prompt creativity, support experimentation, and foster learning from experience.” FOI’s efforts are informed by the science of children’s development, especially the research on children’s developing brain architecture. It has been a great honor for All Our Kin to be included in this pioneering initiative, which has helped us situate our work within a broad and multidisciplinary framework.

In her interview with the Center on the Developing Child, Jessica describes the rationale behind All Our Kin’s work and how it connects to FOI. At All Our Kin, we offer family child care providers deep-touch mentoring and consulting that transforms the quality of their programs. “You absolutely have to focus on the adults in children’s lives if you want to make transformation for children,” she says. By focusing on providers who have the potential to impact many of our community’s most vulnerable children, All Our Kin’s investments in caregivers have far-reaching impacts. “At the end of the day you’re going to have a provider who becomes a renewable resource in her community,” says Jessica. “She’s going to deliver high-quality experiences to kids this year, and another group next year, and maybe even 20 years after that. And if you put in the time, you can actually affect so many children.”

4 AOKWe’re thrilled that Kia Levey, our partner at the New Haven MOMS Partnership, shared her thoughts on why All Our Kin’s work is so essential during her interview.  Kia said that high-quality care can ensure that children don’t fall behind because of a lack of resources in their earliest years. She also applauds All Our Kin for working directly with the child care providers who serve so many families in our communities, saying that “All Our Kin is on the cutting-edge… in New Haven and the State of Connecticut of looking at quality, home-based child care.”

All Our Kin is grateful and excited that the Center on the Developing Child’s FOI initiative has chosen to highlight our work. We encourage you to take a few moments to visit FOI’s website, explore their portrait of All Our Kin, and view their terrific video explaining how investments in adult capabilities help children achieve higher outcomes. Together with the groundbreaking group of organizations that make up the FOI initiative, we look forward to sharing and expanding inventive approaches that give children the foundation they need to succeed in life.

Click here to view the Harvard Center on the Developing Child’s multimedia story on All Our Kin.

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