Celebrating the Week of the Young Child with the children in your life

Stacking and discovering.

Stacking and discovering.

This week, communities across Connecticut are celebrating young children and the parents, family members, caregivers, and teachers who support them. If you have a young child in your life, we hope you agree with this statement from Alison Gopnik, Andrew N. Meltzoff, and Patricia K. Kuhl:

“[W]hat we see in the crib is the greatest mind that has ever existed, the most powerful learning machine in the universe.”

This week, we hope you take a moment to marvel at the intellect, curiosity, and potential of the young children around you and reflect on how you can best support their learning and growth!

Peering out from a handmade house.

Peering out from a handmade house.

Cradling a new friend.

Cradling a new friend.

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