Provider Appreciation Day / el Día de la Apreciación del Proveedor

Dear providers / Estimados Proveedores,

We at All Our Kin feel so lucky to have the privilege of working with family child care providers like you. Today, on Provider Appreciation Day, we want to share these words of thanks from parents in your programs, All Our Kin staff, and community leaders who are grateful for your dedication to children and families / Nosotros en All Our Kin nos sentimos tan afortunados de tener el privilegio de trabajar con proveedores de cuidado infantil familiar como usted. Hoy, en el Día de la Apreciación del Proveedor, queremos compartir estas palabras de agradecimiento de los padres de sus programas, personal de All Our Kin y líderes de la comunidad quienes dan las gracias por su dedicación a los niños y las familias:

I so admire the hard work you do for children and their families in our community. Your dedication, devotion and striving for quality early education for your children is much appreciated. Thank you so much!!  – an All Our Kin staff member

We have to give every child the chance to wonder. That’s what you do.  – Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

I just love how [our provider] cares for each child. She develops a special bond . . . I had asked God: Lord, let me find a daycare that will love and care for my baby. God heard our prayers.  – a parent describing her family child care provider

He aprendido tanto de las proveedoras con las que trabajo. ¡Gracias por darme la bienvenida a sus casas y por compartir su trabajo conmigo!  – un miembro del personal de All Our Kin

I’ve learned so much from the wonderful providers with whom I work. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes and sharing your work with me! – an All Our Kin staff member

After me and my husband, [our provider] spends more time with [our son] than any other adult and is a huge and tremendously positive influence. Her kind and gentle manner are reflected in my son’s personality…Having [our son and daughter] in a child care situation that is so caring, safe and enriching is absolutely invaluable….[Our provider] has been an anchor for us and we are tremendously lucky to have her caring for our children. I only wish every parent could have the same.  – a parent describing her family child care provider

Gracias por el enorme trabajo que hacen por nuestros niños y nuestra comunidad al darles lo mejor de ustedes cada dia. Su dedicacion y su amor no tienen precio.  – un miembro del personal de All Our Kin

Thank you so, so much for your creativity, flexibility, hunger for learning, commitment to quality, and desire to be a part of the All Our Kin community. You are All Our Kin, and our work would have no meaning if it weren’t for you.  – an All Our Kin staff member

Every one of you is a change agent in your communities. Believe in your power.  – Kica Matos, Director of Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice at the Center for Community Change

Muchísimas gracias por su creatividad, flexibilidad, hambre de aprender, compromiso con la calidad, y deseo de formar parte de la comunidad de All Our Kin. Usted es All Our Kin, y si no fuera por usted, nuestro trabajo no tendría sentido.  – un miembro del personal de All Our Kin

[Our provider] has been such a gift to our family and to the close-knit community of families she has built. She is creative, kind and generous. She has a deep love for all of our children and has created a vibrant and nurturing learning environment. Our children adore her. We are forever grateful for all that she has brought to our lives.  – a parent describing her family child care provider

Quiero expresar mis más sinceras gracias a ustedes en éste su día. Ustedes son la luz del dia para muchos de nuestros niños. ¡Felicidades!  – un miembro del personal de All Our Kin

Every morning when I wake up I think of all of you waking up as well and getting ready to greet children and families. You are giving  children a place to be welcomed, learn, grow, be themselves, thrive and be loved and cared for. It is an awesome responsibility. The power of what you do fills my heart and soul. Family child care providers you rock!  – an All Our Kin staff member

You are the reason I do this work.  You inspire me every day to continue to make connections with children, to engage children in deep learning experiences, and most importantly, to have fun each day!  – an All Our Kin staff member

Dear family child care providers: you do the most important work in the world. Because of you, our youngest children are learning, growing and thriving, in a safe, loving, joyful environment. You make it possible for parents to go to work each day and you hold families and communities together. I’m honored to partner with you and support you in our work.  – an All Our Kin staff member

Thank you for all that you do for children and families in our community. Happy Provider Appreciation Day! / Muchas gracias por todo lo que hacen para los niños y las familias en nuestra comunidad. ¡Feliz Día de Apreciación del Proveedor!

Sincerely / Sinceramente,

The All Our Kin Staff


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