All Our Kin’s Nilda Aponte and Sarah Derbala speak about community needs on Radio Amor

la junta informa2

We’re thrilled to announce that All Our Kin’s Bridgeport Director, Nilda Aponte, and our New Haven Family Child Care Licensing Tool Kit Coordinator, Sarah Derbala, were recently featured on the Spanish-language radio station Radio Amor.

Nilda and Sarah spoke with the anchor of La Junta Informa, Dr. Moises Mercedes, about the needs that All Our Kin addresses in the community, including inadequate access to high-quality, affordable child care that meets the needs of working parents.  All Our Kin is the only organization in Connecticut – and one of just a handful nationwide – that addresses both workforce development and child care at the same time. “Other states are always calling us to ask us how they can duplicate All Our Kin’s model,” Sarah told Dr. Mercedes.

During the conversation, Nilda and Sarah spoke about the process of becoming a licensed family child care provider and the steps that providers must take in order to meet state requirements. At All Our Kin, we guide providers through the licensing process and mentor them as they establish sustainable child care businesses. Our focus is always on quality: we train our providers in child development, early education, health, and safety, and we help them create educational, nurturing environments so that the children in their care can thrive. “The foundation of our program is the idea that we see providers as professionals,” Nilda said. “We don’t want them to be seen as niñeros, babysitters. When a child enters a provider’s home, it is a classroom. That child is learning.”

The invitation to appear on Radio Amor was a fantastic opportunity for All Our Kin to reach out to Connecticut’s Spanish-speaking population. We believe that child care options should reflect the diversity of the surrounding community. According to our most recent survey results, sixty-six percent of our child care providers identify as Hispanic or Latino/a, and fifty-nine percent were born in countries where Spanish is an official language. Having a strong network of Spanish-speaking providers expands culturally and linguistically relevant options for families searching for quality child care.

By the end of the program, the phone line was already ringing with calls from listeners interested in becoming family child care providers. “You have to make sure that you are doing it with the right motivation,” Nilda reminded them. “Because in the end, you have to be with these children the whole day, giving them a positive, safe experience and preparing them for kindergarten.”

Thank you to Dr. Mercedes and Radio Amor for featuring All Our Kin’s work!

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