Words from Argentina Burbano, a Family Child Care Provider

In September, we published a blog post about Argentina Burbano, a family child care provider in our Stamford network. Today, we invite you to read the speech that Argentina gave earlier this month at All Our Kin’s annual event at Bridgeport’s Bijou Theatre. We are so grateful to Argentina for sharing her story!

angela and argentina

Argentina (right) gives her speech as All Our Kin staff member Angela (left) translates.

Good evening. My name is Argentina Burbano. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I want to say how grateful I am for the opportunity to meet All Our Kin because it has truly been a blessing.

All Our Kin pulled me out of anonymity. I was a full time nanny for my two grandchildren, and this wonderful organization took my life on a 180 degree turn. It guided me and taught me how to obtain a license to legally operate this difficult but rewarding business of caring for children at home. Today, I am a family child care provider with six children full time.

All Our Kin also pulled me out of ignorance. At the beginning, I thought that child care was only changing diapers, watching them play, making sure that children don’t get hurt, having them well fed and teaching them something or another. That way of thinking was the biggest misconception I had about child care. I realize now that my life experience with my children, enthusiasm and desire to succeed are not enough to care for and educate children.

All Our Kin taught me to design the child care environment in a way that makes children feel safe and comfortable, so that they can have the best development experience possible. All Our Kin also gave me the tools and resources to provide good care and be better in my daily work. I have participated in All Our Kin trainings, courses, and programs that taught me, and other child care providers, dynamic strategies for working with children. Because of All Our Kin, I have stayed updated in the educational field, and I have been given mentorship, knowledge, and personal support in my work.

Argentina's Program 4

Argentina’s program in Stamford

All Our Kin staff are trained, committed, and have a calling to this field, and they demonstrate these virtues daily. It is not easy to deal with people who have different characteristics, who come from different nations and cultures, but the people who work at All Our Kin have shown us such warmth, affection, patience and motivation. I have seen and felt how these mentors have influenced the quality of my All Our Kin has helped us providers to gain a vision for the future, and goals that are clear and specific. Because of this, the children for whom we are responsible will develop physically and emotionally, in an optimal way that has a positive impact on their future. Although we are not often recognized for our work, we are confident that the children in our care will blossom and flourish.

Thank you, All Our Kin, for helping us to fulfill this purpose that is so key to our nation’s future. Thank you so much.

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