“For me, everything is about preparing the children. That’s golden.”

Last week, we shared a speech given by provider Argentina Burbano at our benefit in Bridgeport. Today, we hope you will take a moment to read the speech given at our New Haven benefit by Yanerys Aziz, a provider who has been in All Our Kin’s network for almost eight years. Thank you, Yanerys!

Read Count Grow 020 editedHello, my name is Yanerys Aziz, and I have been a family child care provider in West Haven since 2007. I’m very happy to be here tonight and to share my story with all of you.

Before I decided to open my family child care program, I was working in a child care center. I wanted to open my own program, but opening a business is a big thing. There are so many things to worry about and so many questions to answer. I did some research about how to obtain my license, but I was worried because my primary language is Spanish, and there were so many details that I needed to understand. Then I found out about All Our Kin. I was very happy to learn that there were staff who spoke Spanish and could work with me, and I got my license through All Our Kin’s Tool Kit program.

All Our Kin has been a fantastic support for me in every single area of my business. At the beginning, my child care environment didn’t have the right furniture and materials. Good materials cost a lot of money, especially at the beginning when there is so much to buy. But All Our Kin gave me a zero interest loan, and an educational consultant helped me pick out toys that would support the children’s growth. Whatever problem I had in my day care – relationships with parents, issues with child behavior, language problems and business issues – they helped me.

This can be a very lonely business because you are working by yourself at home all day. But All Our Kin is like a family. When I go to the meetings, I joke with every other provider, and we laugh and learn with each other. And whatever issues I have, the people who work at All Our Kin are there for me. They give me advice about what to do. Even with personal stuff, they come just to be with me. They keep calling me, checking up on me. When you reach out, and ask for support or knowledge, your life is happier, because you’re able to work out all your needs. We are all human beings. Stuff happens to everybody. We smile, we cry, we have pain.

I love my job. I enjoy all of the trainings. I get more out of each training because I love the work, and I share what I’ve learned with the parents. Parents ask me, “Oh Yanerys, my child is biting,” or “my child is afraid of the vacuum, what do I do?” They say, “She knows what she’s talking about.” They respect me because of the trainings I go to. Some of my parents have been with me for years, with two or three children, and they refer each other. They will come pick up their children, but they stay to sit and read a book, and talk with the kids about the activities, and ask me about what we did. The kids see that their parents are comfortable, so they become comfortable.

For me, everything is about preparing the children. That’s golden. Being sure that the children can succeed when they go to school. I want to be a person that can give the best to the children, and if there’s something I can do to become better, to learn more, to be more inspired, I will do it.

Thank you.

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